Clamp Saddles Reinforced

The NORMA reinforced clamp saddles for higher stability outlets

  • Material: Body: Polypropylene; Reinforment Ring: Stainless Steel; Screws & Nuts: zinc-plated mild steel
  • Colour: Body: black, Reinforcement Ring, Screws & Nuts: silver


NORMA clamp saddles are the ideal solution for branching from existing pipelines. They are used to meet irrigation and water distribution needs. Clamp saddles have a polypropylene body with a reinforced stainless steel ring. They come with bolts and nuts made od zinc-plated mild steel. The working pressure is 12.5 bar.

What you will love!

  • Superior resistance with stainless steel reinforcement rings
  • Complete range up to 225 mm to cover all your needs
  • Resistant bolts and nuts for a secure connection

Did you know?

They are the ideal solution for branching from existing pipelines.

Where can you use it?


Landscape Agriculture


  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Golf course
  • Agriculture
  • Sports field
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