landscape irrigation products

Landscape Irrigation

The larger the application area, the greater the need for reliable irrigation that lasts. Turn to NORMA for leading joining and fitting technologies designed for rapid installation, maximum flow, and minimal leakage.

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Superior irrigation and landscaping, simplified

One-stop product portfolio

Find a wide range of irrigation products, including hard to find unconventional dimensions

Easy installation and maintenance

Designed for fast installation with simple tools, our products create tight fits for the most demanding applications

Built to last, year after year

Innovative materials and rugged designs resist heat, cold, UV light, and pressure for “fit and forget” performance

Residential irrigation


Peace-of-mind landscaping products for all project sizes, single-family to multi-family developments.

Commercial Irrigatiron Card


Tough, durable landscape watering system products designed for rapid installation and lasting durability.

Sprot fields Card

Sport Fields

Minimize maintenance and ensure reliability with rugged, long-lasting connectors and fittings.

Urban Gardering Irrigation

Urban Green Areas

Achieve enduring performance even in high use, high wear-and-tear environments.

NORMA MARLIN Compression fitting launch
Speed up your water pipe installations

Innovation in Action

Just as the Blue MARLIN glides through water at high speed, each pipe glides easily and quickly into the NORMA MARLIN Compression Fittings. Thanks to our QuickTight technology, simply push the pipes all the way in and screw it tight. Drinking water certified.