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Every partner is a big deal to us

Let’s grow together. No matter your business size – large, medium, or small – you’ll find an enthusiastic partner in NORMA Group. In addition to our wide range of irrigation products, NORMA offers you personalized attention and professional business support.

Become a NORMA distributor
You talk, we listen

We’re eager to grow with you

No one’s “small”

We give the same high level of service and support to distributors of any size, no matter how “small”

You lead us

We don’t just listen to your needs, we take action to fulfill them. Many of our best products evolved from distributor requests

Market-leading innovations

Count on NORMA products for innovative solutions like our MARLIN compression fitting that cuts installation times by ~50% and meets strict EU requirements for Drinking Water applications

Irrigatuion partne at your side

A partner at your side

Small and medium sized distributors will enjoy big support from NORMA. We recognize that our success is built on yours, so we commit to giving you the highest levels of product access, personalized sales attention, and even marketing support.


Irrigation needs

We respond to your needs

Innovation often begins with distributor input. When our Eastern colleagues needed 17 mm dripline products, we responded with appropriately size fittings and tubes. As a conclusion, we can grow together in a dynamic marketplace.

Irrigatuion new standards

Setting new standards

Where we find product gaps, NORMA Group creates new solutions for durability, flexibility, and efficiency that help our distributors increase their value and expand their business.

Irrigation partner

Looking for a specific irrigation solution?

We can provide you with the ideal solution that helps you put an end to inefficient water loss and meets all your irrigation needs.

Let’s build business together!

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