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Turn your “weakest links” into your strongest connections

SmartConnect Solutions transform the most likely points of failure – the connections – into the most reliable parts of your irrigation systems, saving water, increasing durability, and improving performance under even the harshest conditions.





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NORMA and NDS, an irrigation leader with 45 years of water management experience, apply their combined intelligence to traditional irrigation and drip irrigation challenges. Thanks to their research and experience, NORMA Group offers leak-proof connectivity, faster and easier installation, and material construction that resists the destructive impacts of heat, cold, UV light and more.

Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Irrigation

Clients and professional installers appreciate the speed with which SmartConnect solutions can be applied in the field. Precise designs and quality materials ensure minimal water loss and maximum durability, a “fit and forget” approach that delivers lasting performance.

Agiculture irrigation

Agriculture Irrigation

Our broad suite of products – ranging from drip irrigation lines to clamps for pipes and more – are as tough as they are smart, built to withstand the rigors of seasonal field work. Built for rapid installation, our SmartConnect products can be used and reused multiple times, delivering value year after year.

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