NORMA Ball Valves

The NORMA Nylon Ball Valve to control the flow

  • Material: Handle: Nylon; Stem: PON (Acetal); Body: Nylon; End Connector: Nylon; O-Rings: NBR; Seat: HDPE; Ball: CPVC; Male Threaded Connectors (FxM): Nylon
  • Colour: Body: black, Handles: blue, purple

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NORMA Ball Valve offers a smooth open and close action to allow or stop the flow of water. The “full flow” design ensures there is minimum head loss and the option of a male/female version eliminates the need for additional fittings.

What you will love!

  • Innovative design of the ball valve allows full true passage in open condition
  • Interchangeable handles to comply with international colour coding for water
  • Higher water discharge due to lower wall thickness of the nylon ball valve
  • Removable handle prevents unauthorised manipulation of the valve
  • Superior mechanical resistance due to nylon material
  • Maximum operating temperature of 60° C

Did you know?

Our ball valve’s reinforced glass-nylon body can easily handle pressure up to 16 bar.

Where can you use it?


Landscape Agriculture


  • Sports fields
  • Large public parks
  • Golf courses
  • Large agricultural sites
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