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We’re your irrigation supplier for products that install quickly, perform consistently, and maintain durability under extreme conditions. Our designs improve water flow; our exacting standards ensure precise fits; and our materials resist degradation, delivering long-term “fit and forget” quality. Make NORMA your irrigation supplier for a vast array of common connectors and for specialized products, like 17 mm driplines, difficult to find anywhere else.

Residentail Irrigation


Homeowners find peace of mind through the application of proven, durable irrigation products, including connectors and driplines, built for quick construction and lasting performance.

Commercial Irrigation


We stock all the tubes and connectors property managers need to meet the highest standards for low-maintenance economy and environmentally responsible Green conduct.

Sport fields Golf

Sport Fields

From recreational play areas to professional sport arenas, NORMA stocks the irrigation products necessary to maintain safe, attractive fields efficiently and effectively.

Urban Gardening Irrigation

Urban Green Areas

In addition to a broad range of irrigation solutions, NORMA carries products, like permeable barriers and tree/root protectors, for the unique challenges of urban landscaping.

Greenhouse Irrigation


For optimal water management, we offer common and uncommon fittings and tubes designed for maximum water flow and minimal water loss.

Field Crops Irrigation

Field Crops

Innovative engineering reduces installation times and allows for easy use and re-use to accommodate changing seasonal needs.

Why customers trust in us

Global reach, local focus

You’re invited: Distributors of any size can expect deep inventories and personalized attention

Established, trusted and reliable

For more than 120 years, NORMA has been building lasting partnerships through quality connectors

Engineering excellence

Products built with design expertise for leak-free, durable irrigation system construction and maintenance.

Water is life
Smart Connect Solutions

to let it flow

Water is life. Through irrigation, we can create agricultural bounty and landscaped beauty. But our richest hopes can be undermined by poor quality: leaks that waste water, constricted designs that impede flow, or weak materials that decay and fail. NORMA Group Irrigation doesn’t just go with the flow but improves it. Our SmartConnect Solutions give every distributor or professional – regardless of size – easy access to superior irrigation products that are faster to install, last longer, and resist leakage, preserving precious water, time, and money.
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