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Crop Fields Irrigation Solutions

Successful harvests depend on reliable crop irrigation systems. NORMA designs surpass common standards, providing farming irrigation options that deliver greater flow, with fewer leaks, through lines and fittings built for reuse over multiple seasons.


Designed for the rigors of crop irrigation

  • Engineered and constructed for reuse season after season, NORMA irrigation components save time and money.
  • Superior water flow and consistent pressures contribute to higher crop quality.
  • Built with UV-inhibitors, NORMA parts resist degradation under constant sunlight, ensuring long-term performance.


Vast irrigation portfolio covers all farming needs

  • NORMA solutions provide optimal control of water pressure and water filtration for successful crop yields.
  • Our products are designed¬†to endure extreme climate and weather conditions for maximum reliability.
  • We offer specific joining solutions for each application within your irrigation systems.

Direct delivery of water to the root zone

  • NORMA drip irrigation solutions deliver precision, saving precious water resources at all scales.
  • We have innovative solutions for specific crops, such as our micro drip with inlet emitters.
  • Save money while maintaining quality with NORMA PN 10 compression fittings for ordinary agricultural applications.

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