Landscape residentail irrigation

Residential Irrigation Solutions

Homeowners and property owners alike appreciate landscape beauty that lasts. NORMA products for residential irrigation systems deliver the durability and precise fittings that save water, save money – and deliver enduring value.


“Fit and forget” peace of mind

  • Precise, leak-free connections eliminate wasted water and wasted money.

  • Built to last under light, heat, and pressure, NORMA durability makes the most of your irrigation investment.

  • UV-resistant materials prevent degradation of residential drip irrigation and other components, even under constant sunlight exposure.

Efficient drip irrigation saves water

  • Achieve 95 – 100% water use efficiency, versus 80 – 85% for sprinklers or 60 – 70% for flood and furrow.
  • 2 options for all needs: 1) NORMA PC Dripline with pressure compensation feature for even water distribution, and 2) NORMA CV Dripline with check valves for water conservation.
  • Drip irrigation ensures direct delivery of nutrient water to plant root systems.

Environmentally responsible

  • “Green” built in: over 61% of our manufactured plastic is recycled – just one part of our continuous investment in environmental sustainability.
  • NORMA is committed to innovating and promoting environmentally friendly products for residential and non-residential communities.
  • We use smarter packaging with less material to maintain quality and reduce waste, and are experimenting with soy-based inks.

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