Dura Flo™ JR 1/4” 6 mm

The Dura Flo™ dripline with integrated chek valve to provide instant watering

  • Material: Tube: Polyethylene; Emitters: Polyethylene & Silicone
  • Colour: Black / Brown

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Get the reliability of a drip system built into the entire line with the 6 mm Dura Flo™ Dripline. The durable tubing comes preassembled with 1.9 lph pressure-compensating (PC) emitters inside, spaced in 15 cm and 30 cm apart. PC emitters deliver a steady, uniform amount of water regardless of changes in pressure, elevation, or length of tubing. The emitters feature a labyrinth design to help regulate the water flow. ). The tubing is made of polyethylene using a combination of virgin and recycled content treated with UV inhibitors, and the emitters are made of polyethylene and silicone.

What you will love!

  • Ideal solution for proper irrigation of your small residential plants
  • Situations where reduced flow is needed
  • Low-volume irrigation directly to your plants for water saving and more precise irrigation

Did you know?

The emitter is self-cleaning with built-in filter slits to minimize clogging.

Where can you use it?




  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Roof garden & green wall
  • Greenhouse
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