EZ Roll™ Gravel Pavers

The NDS Gravel Paver for driveways and parkilng lots with gravel ground

  • Material: 100% recycled HDPE, Stake: Steel
  • Colour: Black / Grey / Tan


EZ Roll™ Gravel Pavers create a drivable surface that can support heavy vehicles while maintaining the look and functionality of a gravel road. Engineered using a web of hexagonal cells with shared walls and thermally welded geotextile fabric. Gravel Pavers have a compressive strength of 24 kg / cm2 in an empty condition and more than 226 kg / cm2 when filled.

What you will love!

  • Products come in large rolls that are smoothly placed and clipped together
  • Prevents soil compaction that inhibits healthy root growth
  • Gravel pavers blend into the environment, minimising water runoff and soil erosion

Did you know?

EZ Roll™ gravel pavers reduce erosion and maintain the look and functionality.

Where can you use it?




  • Golf Course
  • Sports field
  • Parking lot
  • Commercial
  • Residential
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